Dear gymnastics family,

As you know, we have been forced to shut down our gymnastics centres as a government response to COVID – 19. Needless to say this will have a huge financial and emotional consequence on our coaches, administration staff, our gymnasts, parents and a much wider community.

Most Australian citizens will be able to access Centrelink’s emergency packages. But what about our overseas coaches? These highly skilled people fall between the cracks in our country and get 0 government assistance.

They still need to eat and have a roof over their heads. Some of them are unable to return due to the current travel restrictions. They are facing incredible hardship and uncertainty. Most of you know these familiar faces. Some of your kids have been coached by these highly skilled professionals.

As an emergency measure, we are opening a donation-based car wash in the car park of our Bella Vista location, 1/1 Meridian Place, Bella Vista. We appeal to you as our gymnastics family and our community to help us help them through these tough times. Please come and get your car washed here. Tell your friends. Share on your social media.

The money you pay for that car wash will help to feed our overseas coaches and ensure they have a roof over their head until this crisis ends. This is all we ask of you, to help us secure them with the bare basics. Eternally grateful for your support.

We plan to operate 9am to 7pm Monday to Saturday - Please call 0477 704 517 to book ahead.


Dear gymnastics family,

As many of you may have heard, we have now shut our doors in response to the Covid19 government measures.

What this means is that all classes are cancelled until further notice. At this stage we do not know how long this closure will last and we will keep you informed via our Social Media channels.

We hope to open for Term 2 and resume classes as per normal.

Meanwhile we please ask you to keep watching, commenting and sharing our social media content as a means of support.

We plan to offer make up classes and credits once this crisis is over. If you are in a position to donate any outstanding fees that would be an incredible show of support to allow us to get through this tough patch.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Stay safe and healthy and we look forward seeing you back on the mat soon.

Vassili Trofimov

Sydney Hills Gymnastics Club Owner/Head Coach




Venue 1 - 3/4 Gladstone Road CASTLE HILL                                   Venue 2 - 1/1 Meridian Place BELLA VISTA                                     Enquire here

or call 02 9659 9010


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CASTLE HILL venue recreational timetable Term 1, 2020


Enrolment for 2020 Recreational and KinderGym programs open Now .

You also may start recreational gymnastics at any point of time during school Terms of the year!

STEP 1. Please enquiry by Phone call 9659-9010 or email:

We suggest for your child program to try . (Usually it is based on the age, in some instance on experience) We book a trial class for the time suitable for you to come.

STEP 2. Attend trial class and then make a decision on the Term enrolment.

STEP 3. Fill in hard copy of the enrolment form (pick printed copy in the club or print PDF file from our website), to download go to Enroll online scroll down and see file : PDF Enrolment Form

Online enquiry/enrolment is on the page FORMS or follow link Enrol Online
We are looking forward to do gymnastics with you.

All Customers and Guests please follow our carparking rules that apply to everybody without exceptions.

1.Children under the age of 10 must be escorted into the gymnasium with a parent or caregiver, at all times.

Sydney Hills Gymnastics will only accept a duty of care inside the building.

2. The safety and responsibility of all children is passed to parent/caregivers once the child/children are outside the building of Sydney Hills Gymnastics; this includes the car park and common driveways.

3. Parents are not to drop off children under the age of 10 at the front door of the gym. All parents must park and walk children into the premises.

4.Children under the age of 10 are not to exit the premises after class unless with an adult. Children are not to meet parents in the car park

5.Children are not permitted to run or play within the car park or common driveway. Parents must pick up children, and immediately go to the car

6. All children under the age of 10 must hold a parent’s hand, bag or pram when walking to or from the gymnasium.

7. We ask that parents do not stand and talk with in the car park. If you wish do to so please do within the gym waiting room

8. Parents are not to ever park in front of the roller/safety doors of other businesses

Venue 1: 3/4 Gladstone Road, Castle Hill

Venue 2: 1/1 Meridian Place, Bella Vista


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